Blazor WebAssembly with gRPC-Web code-first approach

Do you like WCF-like approach and need to cover communication in between ASP.NET Core service and Blazor WebAssembly client? Use code-first with gRPC-Web! You can try the it right now by following a few simple steps (GitHub repo):

1. Blazor.Server – Prepare the ASP.NET Core host

Add NuGet packages:

  1. Grpc.AspNetCore.Web (prerelease)
  2. protobuf-net.Grpc.AspNetCore

Register CodeFirstGrpc() and GrpcWeb() services in Startup.cs ConfigureServices() method:

services.AddCodeFirstGrpc(config => { config.ResponseCompressionLevel = System.IO.Compression.CompressionLevel.Optimal; });

Add GrpcWeb middleware in between UseRouting() and UseEndpoints():

app.UseGrpcWeb(new GrpcWebOptions() { DefaultEnabled = true });

2. Blazor.Shared – Define the service contract (code-first)

Add System.ServiceModel.Primitives NuGet package.

Define the interface of your service:

public interface IMyService
	Task DoSomething(MyServiceRequest request);


public class MyServiceResult
	[DataMember(Order = 1)]
	public string NewText { get; set; }

	[DataMember(Order = 2)]
	public int NewValue { get; set; }

public class MyServiceRequest
	[DataMember(Order = 1)]
	public string Text { get; set; }

	[DataMember(Order = 2)]
	public int Value { get; set; }

3. Blazor.Server – Implement and publish the service

Implement your service:

public class MyService : IMyService
	public Task DoSomething(MyServiceRequest request)
		return Task.FromResult(new MyServiceResult()
			NewText = request.Text + " from server",
			NewValue = request.Value + 1

Publish the service in Startup.cs:

app.UseEndpoints(endpoints =>
	// ...

4. Blazor.Client (Blazor Web Assembly) – consume the service

Add NuGet packages:

  1. Grpc.Net.Client
  2. Grpc.Net.Client.Web (prerelease)
  3. protobuf-net.Grpc

Consume the service in your razor file:

var handler = new Grpc.Net.Client.Web.GrpcWebHandler(Grpc.Net.Client.Web.GrpcWebMode.GrpcWeb, new HttpClientHandler());
using (var channel = Grpc.Net.Client.GrpcChannel.ForAddress("https://localhost:44383/", new Grpc.Net.Client.GrpcChannelOptions() { HttpClient = new HttpClient(handler) }))
	var testFacade = channel.CreateGrpcService();
	this.result = await testFacade.DoSomething(request);

(You can move the plumbing to ConfigureServices() and use pure dependency injection in your razor files.)


  1. Steve Sanderson: Using gRPC-Web with Blazor WebAssembly
  2. Use gRPC in browser apps | Microsoft Docs
  3. protobuf-net.Grpc – Getting Started

4 thoughts on “Blazor WebAssembly with gRPC-Web code-first approach

  1. Siva

    Hi Robert,,
    Good article
    While consuming from IIS getting error msg “Exception was thrown by handler”.
    Is gRPC-Web code-first approach will support IIS


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