Announcing HAVIT Blazor 1.4.3 – Free Bootstrap 5 components for ASP.NET Blazor

Didn’t have a chance to announce our component bundle on this KnowledgeBase yet…

Now we released version 1.4.3. What’s new?

  • HxInputDateHxInputDateRange and HxCalendar have new MinDate and MaxDate parameters to allow customization of selectable dates in calendars (also added to Defaults to be able to customize the application-wide defaults)
  • HxInputDate and HxInputDateRange have new CalendarDateCustomizationProvider which allows further customization (enabled/disabled, CssClass) of individual dates in dropdown calendars
  • ⚠️ HxCalendar parameters MinYear and MaxYear replaced with the new MinDate and MaxDate parameters
  • HxCalendar has new simplified month/year navigation
  • HxInputDate fixed validation icon position if CalendarIcon is used
  • HxInputFileCore has new HxInputFileCore.Defaults.MaxFileSize application-wide default to be able to limit maximum file size,
  • HxInputFile has new HxInputFile.Defaults.InputSize application-wide default to be able to set form component size
  • HxSidebar fixed ability to scroll on mobile if viewport is overlapped
  • HxSidebar has new CSS variable for customising background-colour
  • Updated to Bootstrap 5.1.3 and Bootstrap Icons 1.6

What is HAVIT Blazor?

HAVIT Blazor is a free open-source (MIT) component bundle build on top of Bootstrap 5. It not only covers all Bootstrap 5 components but also brings a few enterprise-level ones (e.g. HxGrid, HxInputDate, HxAutosuggest, HxInputTags) and special ones (e.g. HxGoogleTagManager).

Interactive documentation & demos –

Source code –


Buttons & Indicators

Data & Grid

Layout & Typography


Modals & Interactions


Enterprise-application template [OPTIONAL]

Beside the components there is a ready to run enterprise level application template which includes gRPC code-first communication, full layered architecture stack (Model, DataLayer, Services, …) and much more.

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