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WinDbg: SOSEX Help – Command Reference

SOSEX is one of the few existing Windows Debugger extensions for managed code (.NET). It adds a few useful commands to the basic SOS, but its command reference is not easy to find online.
The list of its commands is available via !sosex.help command. You might find the resulting list useful when considering this extension for your debugging scenario:

0:000> !sosex.help
SOSEX - Copyright 2007-2015 by Steve Johnson - http://www.stevestechspot.com/
To report bugs or offer feedback about SOSEX, please email sjjohnson@pobox.com
Quick Ref:
bhi       [filename]                                     BuildHeapIndex - Builds an index file for heap objects.
bpsc      (Deprecated.  Use !mbp instead)
chi                                                      ClearHeapIndex - Frees all resources used by the heap index and removes it from memory.
dlk       [-d]                                           Displays deadlocks between SyncBlocks and/or ReaderWriterLocks
dumpfd    <FieldAddr>                                    Dumps the properties of a FieldDef structure
dumpgen   <GenNum> [-free] [-stat] [-type <TYPE_NAME>]   Dumps the contents of the specified generation
                   [-nostrings] [-live] [-dead] [-short]
finq      [GenNum] [-stat]                               Displays objects in the finalization queue
frq       [-stat]                                        Displays objects in the Freachable queue
gcgen     <ObjectAddr>                                   Displays the GC generation of the specified object
gch       [HandleType]... [-stat]                        Lists all GCHandles, optionally filtered by specified handle types
help      [CommandName]                                  Display this screen or details about the specified command
lhi       [filename]                                     LoadHeapIndex - load the heap index into memory.
mbc       <SOSEX breakpoint ID | *>                      Clears the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbd       <SOSEX breakpoint ID | *>                      Disables the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbe       <SOSEX breakpoint ID | *>                      Enables the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbl       [SOSEX breakpoint ID]                          Prints the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbm       <Type/MethodFilter> [ILOffset] [Options]       Sets a managed breakpoint on methods matching the specified filter
mbp       <SourceFile> <nLineNum> [ColNum] [Options]     Sets a managed breakpoint at the specified source code location
mdso      [Options]                                      Dumps object references on the stack and in CPU registers in the current context
mdt       [TypeName | VarName | MT] [ADDR] [Options]     Displays the fields of an object or type, optionally recursively
mdv       [nFrameNum]                                    Displays arguments and locals for a managed frame
mfrag     [-stat] [-mt:<MT>]                             Reports free blocks, the type of object following the free block, and fragmentation statistics
mframe    [nFrameNum]                                    Displays or sets the current managed frame for the !mdt and !mdv commands
mgu       // TODO: Document
mk        [FrameCount] [-l] [-p] [-a]                    Prints a stack trace of managed and unmanaged frames
mln       [expression]                                   Displays the type of managed data located at the specified address or the current instruction pointer
mlocks    [-d]                                           Lists all managed lock objects and CriticalSections and their owning threads
mroot     <ObjectAddr> [-all]                            Displays GC roots for the specified object
mt        (no parameters)                                Steps into the managed method at the current position
mu        [address] [-s] [-il] [-n]                      Displays a disassembly around the current instruction with interleaved source, IL and asm code
muf       [MD Address | Code Address] [-s] [-il] [-n]    Displays a disassembly with interleaved source, IL and asm code
mwaits    [-d | LockAddr]                                Lists all waiting threads and, if known, the locks they are waiting on
mx        <Filter String>                                Displays managed type/field/method names matching the specified filter string
rcw       [Object or SyncBlock Addr]                     Displays Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW) COM interop data.
refs      <ObjectAddr> [-target|-source]                 Displays all references from and to the specified object
rwlock    [ObjectAddr | -d]                              Displays all RWLocks or, if provided a RWLock address, details of the specified lock
sosexhelp [CommandName]                                  Display this screen or details about the specified command
strings   [ModuleAddress] [Options]                      Search the managed heap or a module for strings matching the specified criteria

ListGcHandles - See gch

Use !help <command> or !sosexhelp <command> for more details about each command.
You can also use the /? (or -?) option on any command to get help for that command.