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Cloud Application Development – 02 Azure App Services, WebJobs, SQL, SendGrid [MFF UK NSWI152, LS 2018]

Recording from the second lesson (27/Feb 2018) of Cloud Applications Development course (NSWI152) for MMF UK (LS 2017/2018). It is publish on our HAVIT YouTube Channel.

Topics covered:

  • Azure App Service
    • Creating simple Web Site
    • Deployment from Visual Studio
    • Deployment from GitHub
  • Web Jobs – Creating & Deployment
  • Azure SQL database – Creating & Accessing from Visual Studio 2017
  • Azure SendGrid mail service

You can find the labs instructions on GitHub (LAB1 + LAB2).

AppService: Setting a time-zone with a WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE App Setting (and many more)

By default, your AppServices run in UTC. There is an almost undocumented (or at least very little known) feature of KUDU which allows you forcing a specific time zone to your application. By adding specific Application Settings to your App Service (in Azure Portal) you can set following features:

  • WEBSITE_TIME_ZONE, e.g. Central Europe Standard Time (List of supported values)
  • SCM_TOUCH_WEBCONFIG_AFTER_DEPLOYMENT = 1/0 – does what it says (default is 1)
  • SCM_TRACE_LEVEL = 1..4 – you can get more detailed tracing by setting higher level (default is 1)
  • Build/GIT related options
  • Caching related options
  • Setting Node/NPN version
  • WEBSITE_LOAD_CERTIFICATES – Loading certificates
  • Low-level diagnostic switches
  • WEBSITE_DISABLE_SCM_SEPARATION – allows you to run your site and SCM (Kudu) in the same sandbox (and potentially save some resources) – unfortunately marked as legacy-obsolete and not supported any more
  • and many more

You can find complete list of features in Project KUDU Wiki.