WinDbg: SOSEX Help – Command Reference

SOSEX is one of the few existing Windows Debugger extensions for managed code (.NET). It adds a few useful commands to the basic SOS, but its command reference is not easy to find online.
The list of its commands is available via ! command. You might find the resulting list useful when considering this extension for your debugging scenario:

0:000> !
SOSEX - Copyright 2007-2015 by Steve Johnson -
To report bugs or offer feedback about SOSEX, please email
Quick Ref:
bhi       [filename]                                     BuildHeapIndex - Builds an index file for heap objects.
bpsc      (Deprecated.  Use !mbp instead)
chi                                                      ClearHeapIndex - Frees all resources used by the heap index and removes it from memory.
dlk       [-d]                                           Displays deadlocks between SyncBlocks and/or ReaderWriterLocks
dumpfd    <FieldAddr>                                    Dumps the properties of a FieldDef structure
dumpgen   <GenNum> [-free] [-stat] [-type <TYPE_NAME>]   Dumps the contents of the specified generation
                   [-nostrings] [-live] [-dead] [-short]
finq      [GenNum] [-stat]                               Displays objects in the finalization queue
frq       [-stat]                                        Displays objects in the Freachable queue
gcgen     <ObjectAddr>                                   Displays the GC generation of the specified object
gch       [HandleType]... [-stat]                        Lists all GCHandles, optionally filtered by specified handle types
help      [CommandName]                                  Display this screen or details about the specified command
lhi       [filename]                                     LoadHeapIndex - load the heap index into memory.
mbc       <SOSEX breakpoint ID | *>                      Clears the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbd       <SOSEX breakpoint ID | *>                      Disables the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbe       <SOSEX breakpoint ID | *>                      Enables the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbl       [SOSEX breakpoint ID]                          Prints the specified or all managed breakpoints
mbm       <Type/MethodFilter> [ILOffset] [Options]       Sets a managed breakpoint on methods matching the specified filter
mbp       <SourceFile> <nLineNum> [ColNum] [Options]     Sets a managed breakpoint at the specified source code location
mdso      [Options]                                      Dumps object references on the stack and in CPU registers in the current context
mdt       [TypeName | VarName | MT] [ADDR] [Options]     Displays the fields of an object or type, optionally recursively
mdv       [nFrameNum]                                    Displays arguments and locals for a managed frame
mfrag     [-stat] [-mt:<MT>]                             Reports free blocks, the type of object following the free block, and fragmentation statistics
mframe    [nFrameNum]                                    Displays or sets the current managed frame for the !mdt and !mdv commands
mgu       // TODO: Document
mk        [FrameCount] [-l] [-p] [-a]                    Prints a stack trace of managed and unmanaged frames
mln       [expression]                                   Displays the type of managed data located at the specified address or the current instruction pointer
mlocks    [-d]                                           Lists all managed lock objects and CriticalSections and their owning threads
mroot     <ObjectAddr> [-all]                            Displays GC roots for the specified object
mt        (no parameters)                                Steps into the managed method at the current position
mu        [address] [-s] [-il] [-n]                      Displays a disassembly around the current instruction with interleaved source, IL and asm code
muf       [MD Address | Code Address] [-s] [-il] [-n]    Displays a disassembly with interleaved source, IL and asm code
mwaits    [-d | LockAddr]                                Lists all waiting threads and, if known, the locks they are waiting on
mx        <Filter String>                                Displays managed type/field/method names matching the specified filter string
rcw       [Object or SyncBlock Addr]                     Displays Runtime Callable Wrapper (RCW) COM interop data.
refs      <ObjectAddr> [-target|-source]                 Displays all references from and to the specified object
rwlock    [ObjectAddr | -d]                              Displays all RWLocks or, if provided a RWLock address, details of the specified lock
sosexhelp [CommandName]                                  Display this screen or details about the specified command
strings   [ModuleAddress] [Options]                      Search the managed heap or a module for strings matching the specified criteria

ListGcHandles - See gch

Use !help <command> or !sosexhelp <command> for more details about each command.
You can also use the /? (or -?) option on any command to get help for that command.

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