SQL LocalDB: Upgrade to 2019 (15.0.2000)

For me it was quite confusing to find the 2019 version of LocalDB and it is not a streamline process to upgrade your local default instance.

The easiest way to upgrade your LocalDB instance to 2019 is:

  1. Download the LocalDB 2019 installer by using the SQL Server Express installer.
    1. Run the installer and select “Download Media”.
    2. Select “LocalDB” + click Download.
  2. Before running the SqlLocalDB.msi installer, delete your current MSSQLLocalDB instance:
sqllocaldb stop MSSQLLocalDB
sqllocaldb delete MSSQLLocalDB
  1. Run the new SqlLocalDB.msi (2019) installer. It will create a new MSSQLLocalDB instance.
  2. RESTART YOUR PC! (Otherwise MS SQL Management Studio will still tell you you have an old version running, etc. etc.)
  3. Now you can re-attach your original databases one by one using SQL Server Management Studio (RClick + Attach…)
  4. Done.

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